Mission / Vision



We, at the JEXSAN LOGISTICS PHILIPPINES INC.., shall sustain leadership in the multi-modal transport industry with Godly core values of integrity and competence; to commit ourselves to excellence using the most efficient and effective technology; to possess a sense of responsibility and discipline; and, shall remain loyal to this pledged of vision.


To be the best in the industry, by having a competent, disciplined, hardworking, devoted staff and management so that we can provide for the needs and wants, of our customers. As such we can inculcate in our staff, the doctrines of a Christian life and to provide excellent service to God and to our clients.



EXCELLENCE            in everything we do
COMMITMENT        to the work that we should provide to our clients
INTERGRITY            to the way we conduct our business
TEAMWORK              the key factor to our success
EQUALITY                 in the way we deal with our associates and other people
DISCIPLINE               as a means of bringing out the best in each and every one of us.